Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Oh gosh I just don't feel very good today. I have decided to combine this blog with my real life stuff too! So I just wanted to introduce myself formally. My name is Nicole. I am 29. I have 3 daughters ages 11, 5, and 2. My girls are the joy of my life along with my hubby! My hubby is in the Navy. Right now he is in the MCEP program, so he is going to school to get his BSN (nursing). It has definitely been a rough road because we have been going to school for gosh 8 years now!! How bad does that suck?? I am going for my education degree and have found an online school that is accredited. I am finally getting into my teaching classes and they are fun so far, but I just don't have the time to study very much. I stay up very, very late every night, so I am continually tired!! You will probably hear me say I am tired today!!

I read the Twilight saga a few months ago and am hopelessly addicted to it! I love it! My sister told me to read it and so glad that I did. I have a whole network of firends now that share this same interest. This is where the inspiration for my jewelry has come from. I am trying to branch out some but really haven't had any stand out ideas yet. I jsut read too that with this new law CPSIA I may drove out of business anyway! ACK! I just started! I love doing this, but can't afford to pay for testing on all my materials. I have emailed my senators for my state and we have until the 30th for them to hear our concerns, so maybe they will listen! One lady on Etsy has a bib for $1400 because after testing this is how much it will cost!! The testing cost $1385 dollars for fabrics and her bib only cost $15. I thought it was so cute because it is attracting a LOT of attention!

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