Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fern bookmarks from Forks, WA

So I met this awesome lady from none other than Forks, WA (which is were Twilight is set). I made some earrings for her for a fundraiser that she is putting together for her grandsons. They are going to a football championship in Australia! How cool is that??

She came up with this great idea (well for Twilight fans!) and she has made bookmarks from ferns and foliage from Forks, this is so cool and I am sending her my money tomorrow! (and she only wants a $5 donation!!!) I wanted to share with you guys so that if you are a Twilight fan or know anyone who is, could you please send them her way? They really need to raise as much as possible and these bookmarks are awesome. Take a peek for your self.

So if you are interested in these awesome one of a kind bookmarks and have your own piece of Forks, please leave a comment with your email and I will email you the form that you have to fill out. All she is asking for is a $5.00 donation!

Thanks guys!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hey guys!

I am so thankful to have some followers, even though I am no good at this whole blogging thing!! Hey, at least I am trying! LOL!

I created some new earrings over the weekend that I wanted to share with you all.

These obviously are "Twilight" themed earrings! Someone on Etsy told me that they didn't see the resemblance and I was looking for critques but was taken aback a little because when you see these how can you not think Twilight?? I guess I just love the books so much that anytime I see red and apples together it reminds me of the books!

This next pair I just really love with my whole heart! I think they are so cool, I made myself a pair and wore them to church with a black dress and they looked just awesome with it.

They have gotten very little views on Etsy, but thats okay I haven't really promoted them!! This whole Etsy thing can be a little hard. I mean I love making jewelry but trying to sell it is tough!

Oh yeah one of my necklaces is being featured in a blog, sumpinelse (their link is on the right hand side of my page). She has a great blog and is featuring gifts for under $20 dollars. Check it out she has picked some great stuff to feature from Etsy stores!